More than 15 Years of Living Proof

Time alone doesn’t tell our story; It’s the moments where, as a company, we broke barriers and overcame challenges to deliver relief to those suffering from vertebrogenic pain.

Relievant was founded in 2006. After a successful Pilot Study in 2010, we sponsored the SMART Trial, a Level I, randomized double blind sham-controlled trial that led to FDA clearance.

This was followed by the INTRACEPT Study – a Level I, prospective, randomized clinical study comparing the Intracept Procedure to the current standard of care for patients with chronic vertebrogenic low back pain.
These studies demonstrated safety, effectiveness and durability of improvements in pain and function for patients treated with the Intracept Procedure. Results were reproducible across both Level I RCTs and in a prospective, single-arm cohort study in a typical spine setting. Additionally, four independent systematic reviews have been published to validate the Intracept Procedure’s effectiveness as a treatment for vertebrogenic low back pain.

Today, physicians trained to perform the Intracept Procedure are seeing similar life-changing results in vertebrogenic pain patients in their own practices with –validating the important role of the Intracept Procedure in the CLBP care pathway.

Relievant’s training for physicians is best-in-class with comprehensive programs designed and delivered by physicians. These programs include hands-on training, clinical support for cases, education for Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), and program development resources.

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