Relief of Chronic Low Back Pain, with Rigorous Clinical Evidence.
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Our Patient-Centered Mission Has Led Us Here

Chronic low back pain steals so much from life—and a type of this pain is called vertebrogenic pain. Thirty years of science and a strong foundation of clinical evidence has driven a clear understanding of vertebrogenic pain—and now our mission is to treat the millions of patients with this condition with the proven and durable Intracept Procedure.

Curious? Let’s live the proof of the Intracept Procedure together.

The Latest Living Proof

NBC News’ TODAY Features the Minimally Invasive Intracept Procedure for Chronic Vertebrogenic Low Back Pain

Relievant Medsystems shared today that the company’s breakthrough chronic low back pain treatment, the Intracept Procedure, was featured on NBC’s TODAY this morning.

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The Annual ASPN PAIN Conference
Join us at the Annual ASPN 2022 Conference! Learn about the Intracept® Procedure, hear from the authors behind the new ASPN Treatment Guidelines on Basivertebral Nerve Ablation, attend our APP Breakfast Symposium, and hear experts speak to their own experience building Intracept® programs.

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Modic Changes and Chronic Low Back Pain

Modic changes and associated endplate damage strongly correlate with chronic low back pain.

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